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Krishna Janmashtami Special Gift and decor Items

Janmashtami is celebrated in the joy of Lord Krishan’s birth. Also the birth of Lord Krishna is the beginning of a new chapter of prosperity and re-establishment of Dharma. It is a Hindu festival and celebrated with full joy and excitement all over the world. The birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated because he took birth to save humans from evil and teaches the lesson of brotherhood and love. People think of krishna janmashtami special gifts and home decor items to celebrate his birth every year between august-September. 

People celebrate this festival by praying, fasting, singing, visiting lord Krishna temple and also people organize Krishn Leela which shows the history of Lord Krishna's journey and a play or act performed by people to recreate the past and enjoy the era in which Lord Krishna was born. People also organize dahi Handi competitions to celebrate this day. Some people bring small Laddu Gopal to their home and decorate their home to celebrate Janmashtami. 

You can buy all Pooja essentials and different idols or Bal Gopal online to celebrate Janmashtami. People also exchange gifts, sweets to celebrate happiness and joy. People decorate their home with flowers and different decorative ideas for festivals. The most used thing on Krishna Janmashtami is a jhula. People who fast for Lord Krishna keep Lord Krishna in jhula and play with him like a newborn baby and every on treat Lord Krishna as a small kid or a family member.


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