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Know your artist-Sanjaya Tanderkar

In the series of Know you, artist, we are happy to add another gem Mr Sanjaya Tanderkar who has made a special mark in the history of Indian artwork. He is well-known internationally for hi
By Fotocons Admin On 01-Jan-2020

Know Your Artist -Babu Kalabham

Babu Kalabham A truly gifted artist babu kalabham endowed with exemplary skills of imagination and  perception is competent to astonish and surprise appreciators a
By Fotocons Admin On 27-Dec-2019

Know Your Artist- Kappari Kishan

If you have little interest in art, I bet you won't miss knowing about one another gem in our treasure of artist. I am talking about none another than Mr. Kappari Kishan. His famous work series
By Fotocons Admin On 25-Dec-2019

Know your Artist-Anupam Pal

I am excited to write about an Indian artist who is famous for his typical contemporary style of painting. Anupam Pal, a 29Th -year-old renowned artist from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand has reac
By Fotocons Admin On 21-Dec-2019

What Fotocons is all about ?

Fotocons is an online platform for selling and buying Indian arts and handicrafts. Fotocons is an online platform for selling and buying Indian arts and handicrafts. FOTOCON
By Fotocons Admin On 13-Oct-2019

Join Hands with us for a social cause

Fotocons always ahead in contributing as much as possible to some social cause our artists and artisans stand for  In this campaign, we are ready and inviting all
By Fotocons Admin On 12-Oct-2019

Tips for Artist

Start with registration and get ready to sell your paintings online. A artist can sell Paintings, Drawings and Handicrafts,Ph
By Fotocons Admin On 19-Sep-2019

How to sell your art Online

Gone are the days when you as an artist would wait for an annual art exhibition to display your art. Certainly, technology took over. And we have come up with thousands of ways to make the world a
By Fotocons Community On 19-Sep-2019

Painting -Make your world live alive

  Painting is not only about painting your imagination and creativity, but it is also a way to make you identify your true self and realm of reality. Pai
By kamal On 17-Sep-2019

Points to remember before purchasing artwork online

Collecting  art work which was certainly limited to a hobby and passion,now shifted more towards making money out of it. Art enthusiasts no longer untouched with this growing economic boom an
By kamal On 29-Aug-2019

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