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What Fotocons is all about ?

By Fotocons Admin On 13-Oct-2019

Fotocons is an online platform for selling and buying Indian arts and handicrafts.

 Comprehending that India is a treasure trove of quintessential arts, crafts and handicraft, our prime motive is to connect the art patrons with the products of
ingenious artisans through our online platform, fotocons.com. Our target is to improve the convenience of shopping and provide buyers with a great experience, help
artists and artisans gain actual price for their works and masterpieces. We provide free shipping for art products across the country and charge minimal for international

Fotocons is a reputed online platform for buying and selling Indian Fine Arts and handicrafts, paintings, art prints. We already have a multitude of
art and handicraft patrons visiting the online marketplaces and planning purchases. With the popularity and repute we hold, your products will gain good exposure
among clients. We are already hosting the genuine art products of NGOs, established e-commerce platforms dealing with art and craft product trading and
wholesale distributors as yourself. These NGO and e-commerce sites are already connected with manufacturers and artisans; our strife is to list their craftwork on our
website. At Fotocons, we have been listing handicraft items from all across the country and focus mainly the region-specific known craftwork
speciality of a particular region such as Paatcchitra work of Odisha, Madhubani Rajasthani, Kalamkari and Tanjore work. We create accounts for the purpose and
provide free listing for the NGOs and distributors. We provide the determined price on the art and craft products and also add our 20 per cent commission on it. To boost
the convenience of the buyers, we are providing Cash On Delivery for items costing below Rs. 5000. Besides, we provide pick up from the seller and promote bulk enquiry
FOTOCONS.com is an online marketplace that provides a single platform for selling and buying of all artwork and popular handicraft work created within India.
we offer completely transparent pricing and purchase process, We help artisan, artist collectors, to sell or re-sell their art. Our Motto is to bring art and handicrafts to every doorstep worldwide.
Sign up and start selling your fine artwork, handicraft products on Fotocons and get a global exposure of your valuable work.
With a personalized Login ID and password, they can upload as many works as they choose, and set the prices they choose for their art or handicraft product. They can even open their works of art up for the creation of print and fotocons takes care of their work and make available open edition print that can be very much affordable for a buyer.
We have 5 separate portal

art objects, photo stock, digital print art, handmade fine art, and handicraft. 
 In art object, you can sell or buy all artwork that has 3-dimensional physical existence 
like art jewellery sculpture 

In Photostock, you can sell or buy Indian images, illustrations, vectors of various categories like food health lifestyle religion people. These images are available in soft copy version. All images are sold with standard licensing. Some specified  Images can also be available for extended license use.  

In the digital print art section, all digital art that is created by using some digital technology like PC or SLR can be sold or purchased. .. In this portal print version of all artwork is kept. You can sell or buy various print variations of the same artwork available on different surfaces like paper and canvas. 
A seller can choose to sell his artwork in both the photo stock portal and in Digital print art section.

In Handmade fine art, comes all types of handmade paintings, drawings, sketchings, etc. An artist can sell original artwork or can open his artwork for prints. The buyer has the choice of buying either original artwork of some famous artist or can buy prints which is quite affordable.

In the handicraft section there comes all types of handcrafted items. India is well known for unique handicraft culture from all over India different craft technique and skill are used to create items that become the specialty of that particular region. 

 please visit our site www.fotocons.com and gain insight into our services.

We try to list here only unique handcrafted items and trying to cover all parts of India to represent here with their unique handicraft speciality.
Connect with us here,  for any questions and help us make your online art-buying experience the best that it can be
Email Id- [email protected]    Mobile Number- +918619811757   FB Id fotocons.india.7

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