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Tips for Artist

By Fotocons Admin On 19-Sep-2019

An artist is a person who appreciates beauty and uses their mind and creativity to create new things. It is an expression of thoughts, emotions, intuitions and desires. It is about sharing the way an artist experience the world, a form of communication that cannot be portrayed by words.
Our team at Fotocons provides you with one of the best platforms to sell your masterpieces, like Paintings, Drawings and Handicrafts, Photographs, Downloadable Imagestocks on various social media, google search marketing, ads and others.
Creating a masterpiece of your art is like giving a shape to your imagination but further promoting it or selling is another milestone to achieve.
We are happy to assist you with a few tips which will lead you to get maximum number of buyers who appreciate and understand the hard work/efforts an artist.
Important tips....
1. Make sure you provide a good quality image reflecting it's true colours as it could affect the decision of the buyers. 
2. You can provide the in situ images where the accurate images of the art installed in homes, offices, public places.
As potential buyers want to be able to visualise your art in their own interior relative to space, balance, colour, background and such other elements. 
3. Add details of your artwork, as in some of the interesting texture in your artwork that is not easily interpreted should not go unnoticed. 
4. Mention the inspiration behind your creation. 
5. Offer to deliver your work with written instructions on how to care for the art.
6. Reduction on the next purchase.
7. You can also remember them on their birthdays and anniversaries.
8. Practice the art of service by providing them heartfelt gestures on purchase of your artwork by following the Pareto principle
It tells us that 20%of your clients will bring you 80% of your business. Pay close attention to that 20%. 
Still any queries left, please feel free to contact our customer care [email protected] We are happy to help.

Tips before you courier paintings
1. Roll the painting & put into the box.
2. Take a printout, fill & Undersign the certificate attached in the order mail for each painting.
3. Roll & Put the certificate in the same box with painting.
4. Pack the box with waterproof material & courier on the following address.
5. Please avoid artwork that is framed or on canvas boards as it is difficult to courier them at long distances.
6. We prefer paintings in a rolled canvas or paper format.
7. Ensure you use good quality packaging material as any damaged painting will not be accepted & returned to you.
Thank you for reading.

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