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Digital Art Painting

Painting -Make your world live alive

By kamal On 29-Aug-2019


Painting is not only about painting your imagination and creativity, but it is also a way to make you identify your true self and realm of reality.
Painting especially figurative painting is a special painting art where a certain aspect of real-world is represented in figurative form. This style is sure to get a direct connection with the artist enthusiast.
Though it is popularly believed that digital media and especially digital photography have somewhat taken over and original handmade painting art slowly fading away. But I strongly believe that an artist never dies,still, there are many art lovers who continuously seeking for this art and appreciate it by decorating their home and office with this unique creative art.

I am just pointing out some basic reason why we should go for this unique piece of artwork 
1. Making you close to reality without an element of chaos and hassle bustle of the real world. Decorate your house with some unique figurative artwork masterpiece and see yourself diving into the colourful realm of reality without being disturbed with the chaos and hustle-bustle of the real world.
2. Way to cherish life- Art is sure a way to cherish and cheer life. Art specialty painting sure brings life into the mundane stuff like home house and office. Art lifts up the spirit and raises our level of happiness. Gifting someone you love a piece of art makes the moment cherishable forever. 
3. Figurative painting is a way of portraying the culture content of various region, ethnicity, caste, creed, religion. The painting portrays the present but helps a person to see the future through it. 
Today the newer technology and mechanical world somewhat competing and raising rivalry towards this old creativity, but still, there is a handful of artists whose work id regularly being exhibited in institution and art gallery and making fearsome money through auction.
Displaying artwork online and making it available globally helping this master art to stand out and survive the newer technology and death blow of the new human movement.

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