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Know Your Artist -Babu Kalabham

By Fotocons Admin On 27-Dec-2019

Babu Kalabham

A truly gifted artist babu kalabham endowed with exemplary skills of imagination and  perception is competent to astonish and surprise appreciators and connoisseurs by his unparalleled artworks in pencil and paintings. A native of ottapalam, Kerala he was born on 23 May 1978. He blossomed into an artist of excellence within a span of two decades winning wide commendable accolades and acclaim.
He was fascinated into the world of illustrated comics right from his teenage and as his artistic skills refined and embellished he was later drawn to the subtle intricacies and plethora of colorful paintings. Thereafter his passion was painting and his gifted hands started experimenting with new forms and dimensions of painting and drawing also encompassed the brilliant reverse glass painting art and pencil sketches in which he could successfully etch our an insignia of his ow. Ample support and encouragement from family and friends rendered a great role in making him. Emerge as a prominent personality amongst the fraternity of eminent artists.
His creativity and artistry has explored myriad vistas within a very short span and is still continuing with greater vivacity with a variety of blend of colors and imageries.
Babu kalabham finds time for his artistic creativity amidst his automobile industry business
solo exhibition
2018 dec 26,27 at csn cultural trust ottapalam,mizoram governer Shri kummanam  rajasekhar visited my art exhibition and i  presented his portrait to him
2019 Nov 25 conducted by rotary club shorter
group exhibition
2019 Jun 28,29,30 “nirangal kadha parayumbol”  conducted by one bridge media ottapalam
preparing next group exhibition at kerala lalitha kala academy kozhikode on 2019 jan 9,10,11,12
dram all stretches for 15 poems in a poetry book “winds in the word woods” 

Writing about him and not mentioning something about his famous work style of glass painting ,I think this is something inevitable.

About glass  painting
Painting on reverse glass, a technique in which the artist applies paint to the back(reverse side) of a clear piece of glass to create an image seen from the front of the glass.
The effect is one of stunning clarity and rich color ideally serving as a connoisseur’s delight. Glass as a medium of art allows tremendous freedom to express oneself.
Glass painting is a form of art, which has evolved and gained prominence in the recent past.  Glass painting basically involves painting on tinted glass that miraculously transforms a plain piece of lifeless glass, into a wonderful piece of art. Its effects can be amplified if placed under proper lighting. The images, diverse in subject matter,all unique and individual in character are outlined. They are then painted using enamel and other paints. Glass painting is similar to drawing than painting. Decorated with a blend of sparkling light, the beauty of the glass paintings is par excellence.the glass painting were noted for their  sheer brilliance, stunning clarity and use of rich colours
Glass paintings are noted for their bright, rich color and clarity as no other surface can provide the effects that glass can give. It is the artist’s sincerity, patience creativity and personal experiences that reflect on the glass paintings. It is more effective than other conventional paintings as it is the glass finish that the picture reflects, unlike the other surfaces where the paint is reflected in the pictures. 
Color brightness:   as the glass does not absorb these colors, hence the bright colour which is not seen on the surface.
Nonfadable:   the picture lasts for a lifetime as the painting is done on the reverse side by which there is no direct contact with the atmosphere.
Pure handwork:   this art form is a result of pure handwork with no involvement of technology.


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