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Join Hands with us for a social cause

By Fotocons Admin On 12-Oct-2019

Fotocons always ahead in contributing as much as possible to some social cause our artists and artisans stand for 

In this campaign, we are ready and inviting all our esteemed artists and Photographers who don't want to sell their images/artwork for commercial monetary gain but they want to raise funds to donate it later to some charity or NGO they are working for. 

We are always happy to be part of this great social cause and ready to join hands with you

Come forward, become a contributor to the social cause you are thinking about.

Sell your artwork and images to raise funds for some charity or social cause.
You will find thousands of buyers who are looking for the same and they will buy your artwork to become a part of your noble cause 

How to do that?

sign up just complete your profile and in your description about me in profile Write about social cause for which you are selling images. we shall promote that profile that highlights the social cause you are in

it will be also reflected in our main page..in our premium guest artist and artist those want to bring some changes into this world

featured artist with a difference will be highlighted on our home page slider like this on home page slider along with handmade fine art slider 

Buy artwork of these featured artists who are selling their artwork for some social cause. Be a part of this great social contribution --shop now

Image of the artist along with some piece of artwork will be highlighted and link to the profile will be given where all artwork of the same artist will be shown

Link to the profile will direct our buyers to the social page where all  artwork of the same artist will be shown at one place 


I am sharing one of our artist Dr. Garima Jain, who have come forward to participate in this social cause.

She contributes all her work on our website, her original artwork not for sale, only open edition prints on paper and canvas available. The fund raised from the sale of open edition prints will be donated to the charity trust "MFPA Mouth and foot painting artists" working for differently-abled artists.

Dr. Garima Jain Artwork 


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