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How to sell your art Online

By Fotocons Community On 18-Sep-2019

Gone are the days when you as an artist would wait for an annual art exhibition to display your art. Certainly, technology took over. And we have come up with thousands of ways to make the world acquainted with our style, imagination, and magic of art.

Selling art online has emerged a useful tool that helps to give your artwork a global platform But selling your artwork through the right portal is still a daunting task.
The very first step you can take is to either create your own website or associate with some platform of group website where you can set up your own shop And art enthusiast can look up your work and start noticing it. But you have to generate traffic and promote your gallery so that it can stand out from thousands of others.
Social media play an important role in publicizing and promoting your work. you can start publishing blogs, articles. You can also start some discussion forums where you can interact with art lovers and can convincingly make your point and arouse an interest in the curious mind of all art enthusiasts.
There are many free websites, paid website hosts that provide a platform for multiple artists. you have to take care of SEO management to make sure that you can get the user traffic on your site.
One decent advice I can put up here is, don't put all your artwork at once. save some work to be displayed later. let start developing interest in the mind of all users visiting your shop. Once a decent number of users start showing interest, you can display more of your work. And always make sure that your work is available readily for sell and of course a fairly priced work would get a fair response.

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