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Empowering Make In India

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About Us


About Us


“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is a painting that is felt rather than seen.” Leonardo da Vinci


India has long been known for its customs. In terms of art and culture, India is one of the most respected culturally rich countries in the world. These artists and artisans have added to the fame of Indian handicrafts worldwide. Indian fine art and handicrafts have been loved and respected by all and have left everyone amazed. 


Many rural people continue to make a living from their creative works of art, and India has still managed to retain its artisans, artwork, and handicrafts. India is a manufacturer of various handicraft products that are popular even in foreign markets. 


Realizing that India is a treasure trove of important arts, crafts, and handicrafts, we follow a slogan of “Empowering Make in India”. Our main motive is to connect art patrons and ingenious craftsmen, through our website fotocons.com


Our goal is to improve online shopping convenience and provide buyers with a great experience, helping artists and artisans get the real price for their masterpiece work. 


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift


Fotocons has set its footprints in the online platform for buying and selling Indian fine arts, crafts, paintings, and art prints. We offer free shipping of art products all over India (Domestic) and there is a minimal charge for international deliveries.


Features of Fotocons


  • Free shipping across India
  • Bulk orders are accepted and their price can be negotiated
  • Cash on Delivery on selected products
  • Unconditioned 15 days return policy for original artwork and handicrafts
  • Secure online transaction
  • Trusted secured shipping 
  • 24*7 live support


Fotocons gives you the benefit of size customization on the selected paintings. For this, you just have to provide the size you require and our artists will provide you with the artwork according to your requirements.


We give a special benefit to the users who are our registered users and subscribers. They can enjoy the free download of some small and medium-sized pictures of Fotocons which they can use only for social blogging and editorial development.


Fotocons is the all-in-one platform that makes Corporate Gifting easy and effective. To know more about it Click Here


We provide museum-quality outstanding art prints that are printed from a famous printing agency. For this, we directly connect with artists, artisans, and manufacturer gallerist to list their artwork and craftwork.


Our Motive


Our Main Motive to bring Fotocons is to empower the artists and artisans as it simplifies the buying and selling process of art and handicrafts. 


We wish to bring our Indian artwork in the limelight by making it reach every person worldwide. For this to happen, we took a small step in providing a Photostock section. This section provides royalty-free Indian images.


There are various pictures of Indian Culture, Tradition, Lifestyle, Indian Biodiversity, and Indian Flora & Fauna. Only the person having a standard commercial license can download the image. 


The publishers, bloggers, and advertising agencies have the right to use these images to promote any products or companies. With the help of the license, you can download any image unless specified. 

Social Cause


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Anne Frank


We host genuine art products of NGOs and established e-commerce platforms that deal with the art and crafts products. These NGOs and e-commerce platforms are connected with artisans and manufacturers. 


So, we list their craftwork on our website and when that craftwork is sold then the profit margin left is given to any of the NGOs that we are linked with.


At Fotocons, we have listed handicrafts from around the country and mainly focus on region-specific known handicrafts such as Odisha Paatcchitra's work, Madhubani Rajasthani, Kalamkari, and Tanjore work. 


“One eye sees, the other feels.” Paul Klee


At Fotocons, we provide art that people see from one eye and feel from the other. We sell Indian Artwork and Handicrafts Products to Corporate companies, Pharmacy, Banks, and Corporate Distributors in bulk.


We provide the benefit to the artists, artisans, sellers, and gallerists to list their artwork on our website at free of cost. The contributors determine the value of their work and they get the quoted amount. We charge a minimal amount of commission from the buyer.


Visit our website, www.fotocons.com, to see our extensive collection, which you can host online, and all the information you need about rare works and masterpieces by renowned artists. 


You will get in touch with us with all the information you need about the premier art masterpieces, if any, on our website. Our collection exudes the craftsmanship of brilliant Indian masters and can decorate the walls of your homes, offices, and businesses as priceless pieces when planning your smart purchase.


“A great artist can paint a great picture on a small canvas.” Charles Dudley Warner





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